Whether you are celebrating a birthday, looking for corporate team building activities, planning a field trip, or just want to have a fun and unique experience with family and friends, our group parties are for you!

We have a few different packages listed on our archery party form. However, parties can be completely customizable for your group based on size, age, time, etc. and can include many different activities such as the ones below. Please email to book your party!

Archery instruction

Learn the basics of archery. Play interactive games, pop balloons, and enjoy some light competition with friends and family. All equipment included.

archery tag

Take part in this action-packed, adrenaline-filled form of archery! Think dodgeball but with adapted archery equipment. Play in teams and tag out your opponents with foam-tipped arrows before they tag you out! Can be played inside or outside.

Bow Birds

Add an element of surprise to your archery event with this fun and challenging form of archery! Shoot at foam discs flying in mid-air like a pheasant, or along the grass like a quick jackrabbit.

3D archery

Explore your inner bowhunter with our outdoor 3D herd range. Shoot from a 40-foot elevated platform at 45 animal-shaped foam targets. Test your marksman skill with targets between 10-70 yards!

hoverball archery

Test your marksmanship by trying to knock down brightly colored balls hovering in midair with foam-tipped arrows. Challenge your friends, or make a team to challenge the Robin Hood archers in your group! Fun for all ages!

stick it archery

Try our Stick It Archery! Felt-tipped arrows on a velcro target make for a fun, versatile, and safe game for your group. Great for aspiring archers to learn the basics of target shooting.