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NFAA Fundamentals of Field Archery

Check out the NFAA's Learning Series videos on fundamentals of all three field archery rounds.


The following is a brief summary of outdoor tournament rules. For full description of event rules and guidelines NFAA Constitution and By-Laws is available online with Field round starting on page 51.

  • All shooters must have proof of NFAA or USA Archery membership at the tournaments ite. Guest divisions are available but are not eligible for awards or ranking. 

  • Prior to start of each tournament, archers are required to check in at the registration desk in the lobby of the Archery Center. Archer is responsible for verifying target assingments, range assignements and scorecards. 

  • The NFAA has adopted a 300ft per second rule with a 3% margin of error and a maximum draw-weight of a bow not exceeding eighty (80) pounds. 

  • Each group will designate two (2) members of their group to call scores and two (2) members to record scores. If the group has onlye three (3) shooters, only one (1) will call arrows. Archers will draw for their shooting order in their respective groups and rotate the shooting order. 

  • All arrows must remain in the target and should not be touched until all arrows are scored. The arrow shaft must touch any portion of the scoring ring, regardless of deformity of the scoring rings or angle of the arrow in the target to be scored the higher value. The status of any questionable arrows must be determined before removing any arrows from the target. If both score callers agree, the score called is final. If there is a disagreement in the designated callers, a third caller from the group other than the archer whose arrow is in question will make the finall call. If a questionable arrow esists in groups fo three, the designated caller will make his call. If the archer whose arrow is in question does not agree, he may have a third party make the final call. In all cases the third call is final. 

  • Standard Units: A standard unit of shooting shall consist of 14 tarrgets. Twice around the unit makes a round or two such units make a round. 

  • Shooting Rules: Each archer shall shoot 4 arrows at each of the 14-target layouts in a unit. In 10 cases this shall mean shooting the four arrows from a single stake at a single target. In the other fou is may mean either shooting one arrow from each of four stakes at a single target or it may mean shooting all four arrows from a single stake but at four separate targets, or one arrow from each of four stakes at either two (2) or four (4) targets. 

  • Scoring for Field: The scoring is 5 points for the spot. 4 for two white cicles and 3 outside black rings. 

  • Scoring for Hunter: Scoring is 5 points for the spot, 4 for the center ring, and 3 for the outer ring.

  • Scoring for Animal:  21, 20 or 18 for the first arrow, 17, 16 or 14 for the second arrow, 13, 12 or 10 for the third arrow

  • In all NFAA rounds, an arrow shaft need only touch the line to be scounted in the area of the next higer value.

  • In non-Professional Divisions, the X-Ring is used for tiebreakers only.

  • In all Professional Divisions, scoring is 1 bonus point for the X (total of 6), five for the spot and so on successively. Archers will track X's in a separate column, i.e., 20 with 3X which cary over to the final column and would be totaled 23.

  • Binoculars: binoculars and spotting scopes will be allowed. They may be checked at random by tournament officials or individuals in your shooting groups. You may ask to check theirs as well. 

  • Finding lost arrows: As a safety consideration, and to insure a timely competition, no archer will go behind a target to look for a low arrow, unless you can see it at time of scoring. Always keep at least two (2) archers in front of a target to insure that no other group will shoot said target while you are retrieving the arrow. if you cannot visibly see the arrow, make a note to return with a range official, after the completion of the round. 

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