League info

We have put together an outdoor league that I think everyone will find very fun to shoot.  With the COVID-19 still a concern, we will not have an official league night.  We need to maintain social distancing, so everyone can shoot when it is convenient for them. 

This league will not have the payouts at the end of the league according to scores as we have done in the past.  We will keep track of scores and have weekly standings, but the league champion will only have “bragging rights”.  We will have prizes at the end of the league that will be a random drawing. The number and actual prizes will be determined according to the number of shooters we have for the league.

  • 8 week league starting May 4th, 2020

  • League week is from Tuesday through Sunday.  Shoot anytime during those days.

  • Shooting fees are $20 per person.  Sign up at www.neyac.org.



  • NFAA Field Targets – 12 targets 3 arrows per target (this will be the format that the NFAA Sectionals were going to try this year. Maximum shot distance 60 yards.  More details to come) Possible score 180.

  • NFAA Animal Round – This will not be the normal NFAA Animal round.  This will be the NFAA Animal round target with the dot, kill and body.   We will shoot 12 targets, three arrows per target, we will shoot all three arrows from the normal animal round farthest shooting position.  Scoring will be dot = 5 points, kill = 3 points, body = 1 point.  Possible score 180.

  • NFAA Classic 600 (First Dakota) = We will shoot 2 ends of 5 arrows at each distance.  We will shoot 40 yards, 50 yards, and 60 yards.  This will be a total of 30 arrows.  We will shoot the 92 cm target.  Scoring 10 through 6.  Possible score of 300.

  • 3D Redding Style – This will be a Redding style shoot with a “dot” painted on the target.  This will be marked distance.  More details to come with number of targets, scoring and range location.