Archer Spotlight- Homeschool Champion

Cameron Stubbe is just 15 years old, but he has a sports championship record that would be the envy of most college athletes. Over the last 6 years he has won 5 out of 6 state 4-H Archery Championships from the Beginner up to the Senior Class.  The one year he placed 2nd in the individual title, he still came in first in the Junior Team Championship.

This year he advanced to the National level with an impressive 4th place finish at NFAA National Field Archery Championships in the young adult Olympic recurve division.

Archery is integrated into his homeschool program.   Cameron commutes weekly to the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center (NEYAC) to train under the watchful eye of Coach Jos.  As an Elite Level 4 Coach, she knows just what needs to be done for Cameron to achieve a national title.  But Cameron is looking beyond a US National Title and has the drive and ambition to pursue international success.  The NEYAC has all the tools and staff to support his archery endeavor and dream, including the recent addition of Coach Anne, an Olympian and World Ranked Archer.

"Cameron is a very talented young archer," commented Coach Jos "He has a willingness to make adjustments. He has a competitive spirit and inner drive that push him to be better. I believe he's got the potential to be an exceptional competitive archer. Those skills paired with the dedicated support of his family and the careful stewardship of his education through his homeschool program are preparing him for success in archery and beyond."

For homeschoolers, archery can be not only an individual but a team sport as well.  Private and group lessons are available and geared towards the needs of each student.

Participation in sports is so important in overall education and development that in 2017 CNBC reported, “if you want to be a CEO later, play sports now.”   95% of Fortune 500 CEOs were Athletes.  Become a leader on the archery range and in the board room. 

Contact Coach Anne and let us help you find the Champion within.

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