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Utah Man Caps Off 'Good Week' With Two Titles

Kyle Douglas may not have wanted to leave.

And why would he?

The 23-year-old professional archer from Utah certainly made his week-long stay in Yankton worth it. Douglas, who earlier this year captured his first professional title, won a pair of tournaments on Sunday at the Easton Yankton Archery Center.

“I had a good week,” he said, with a smile, after his second victory of the day.

The fifth-year pro was one of a handful of archers who competed in all five of the national tournaments held in Yankton last week as part of the ‘National Roundup.’

It got to be a lengthy and exhausting week for him, but Douglas found a way to turn things around over the weekend.

“I had a little bit of a slow start in a couple of tournaments, but then picked it up and started shooting really well,” he said.

Douglas finished fifth in the NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships and fifth in the NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships.

He then competed in the three-day First Dakota Classic, and then took first place in his division Sunday at the USA Archery Indoor Nationals Finals and NFAA Indoor National Championships.

It was in the fifth of those tournaments, though, where Douglas battled the most drama.

He was one of 15 entrants in the Professional Male Freestyle Division to reach a shoot-off for first place in the NFAA Indoor Nationals. Douglas and Richard Bowen then advanced to a two-man showdown for the title.

On the first sudden death end (with five arrows shot), Douglas scored a 25 and Bowen scored a 24.The victory went to Douglas.

“I just tried to tell myself to make good shots and think through everything,” he said. “You don’t just walk up to the line and let it fly.

“I want to make sure I’m really focused, and not just shooting to shooting.”

In the other action at the professionals-only NFAA Indoor Nationals, Linda Ochoa-Anderson won first place in the Professional Female Freestyle Division, while Alexis Ruiz beat Toja Ellison in a shoot-off for second place. Randall Morocco was the champion in the Professional Senior Freestyle Division.

Prior to the weekend, many of the professional archers in attendance hadn’t competed in an indoor tournament since the Vegas Shoot in February.

Douglas said he began shooting again late in the summer.

“I picked it up fairly quickly again, but you always have to work your muscles back into shape,” he added.

And the long lay-off was especially detrimental for Douglas, who won the prestigious Vegas Shoot back in February — his first career professional victory.

“It was kind of a big year,” Douglas said, with another smile.

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