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NFAA Members: $5
Non NFAA Members: $10

Individual: $120
Family: $150


Intro Lesson - $10 / 15 minutes for 1 - 2 people

This lesson is for 1-2 people who have very limited or no experience shooting archery.  This quick lesson will teach you the types of equipment provided by the Center and how to shoot safely.  Parties of 3 or more - and additional $5 per person will be added and lesson time will increase to 30 minutes.


Beginner Lesson - $30 hr/ 60 minutes

$10 each additional student

This lesson is taught by one of our instructors using house equipment or your own equipment.  Participants will learn fundamental skills required to safely shoot and have fun in a range environment.  This lesson is great for first time archers, young children and those with limited knowledge.


Intermediate Lesson - $50 hr/ 60 minutes | $10 each additional student

This lesson is for target archers or bowhunters looking to improve their accuracy and skills and advance to the next level.

Advanced Lesson - $150 hr / 60 minutes | $100 each additional student

This lesson is geared towards archers that want serious performance enhancement. This lesson is available to all skill levels and individually tailored to each student to help them reach their maximum potential.  Topics can include mental training. in depth form analysis and feedback, tuning, nutrition, strength & conditioning, competition management, and what it takes to perform under pressure.  This course is taught by Olympic Medalist Vic Wunderle.


Monthly: $10
Yearly: $100

Please see this form and email

with any questions or to book.

Individual Membership: $175/year
Family Membership: $250/year

SUPER Tennis Membership: $55/individual | $90/family

-includes entry with fob from 6AM-11PM daily. SUPER Family Memberships will receive 4 fobs. Additional fobs will be available for $5/fob

Ball Machine Rental: $20

Non-member Tennis Fees: $10/hr per court

Pickleball Only Membership: $85/individual | $140/couple

Pickleball Equipment Rental (includes 4 paddles and 4 pickleballs) : $10

Non-member Pickleball Fees: $5/hr per person or $15/hr per court


Individual Membership: $240/year

Family Membership: $300/year

Non-member fees

ADULTS: $20 for the 1st hour | $10/hr for additional time

YOUTH: $10 for the 1st hour | $5/hr for additional time


Facility Rentals available.

Email for more info.


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Frequently asked questions

My child is interested in starting archery. What do you recommend for them?

If they have never tried archery before, we recommend parents bring their child to our Saturday TRY Archery classes 11AM-12:30PM. They will learn the fundamentals of archery and it will assist parents in seeing if their child is interested enough in archery to stick with the sport. The next step would be to enroll your child into an archery program where they will work on their skills weekly with a certified archery coach. After School Archery is offered during the school year for beginner archers to learn fundamentals of form and safety, reinforced with fun archery activities. Intermediate Archery during the school year is for archers that have taken our After School Archery class and would like to continue learning archery as a recreational sport for fun. During the Summer, we offer many different programs, please visit the Summer Programs for more information. Private coaching services are also available that are tailored to the individual archer's needs and to help them advance according to their goals.

How old do you have to be to start archery?

You can start archery at any age! We have had students as young as 3 with proper equipment, instruction, and supervision. For our weekly classes, children can start at 8 years old. For one time classes like TRY Archery, children can be younger than 8 as long as there is an adult to supervise them the entirety of the visit. When a child has enough hand-eye coordination, and can handle equipment safely is when we deem they are able to handle instruction. Positive attitude towards learning is always encouraged in all of our programs.

If I buy a membership, are there any blackout dates?

We try our best to keep our ranges open to our members at all times during business hours. If you stop in to shoot as a range member and the range looks full because of an event or tournament, please ask one of the range staff to assist you! We have space available to allow our members to shoot. Remember, we have seven different archery ranges available. There may be times, particularly in the winter, when range space at our indoor range is limited. We also have certain dates when the Archery Center hosts large-scale archery tournaments which utilize several ranges, or the entire facility. (For example, a national or world championship). We will notify our members in this insatnce. You can see our Calendar of Events or check our Facebook page for updates on events, as well as our website to see when our busy times of the month/week are.