Yankton Vegas 450

The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center, NEYAC, calls all archers to participate in the 2019 Yankton 450 Tournament. That will take place according to the following:



This is an open tournament, all participants are eligible to win awards in their gender, age divisions and bow categories.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Indoor Archery Range

NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center

800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD 57078


Registration prior to event available online at www.neyac.org


Shooting times: 9:00 am, 12:00 pm

Cost: Junior Divisions $20, Adults & Seniors $25, Championship Money Division $50


Competition Format

Vegas 450 Round

Age Categories and bow divisions

National Field Archery Association age divisions are determined by the age of the archer on the day of competition. Archers may only register in one division and style.





Adult Age Divisions:

Senior 50+

Adult 18+

Young Adult 15-17

Youth 12-14

Cub 11 and under

Championships- one division inclusive of all age, gender and bow categories

Bow Categories:



Freestyle Limited

Bowhunter Freestyle

Freestyle Limited Recurve

Championship money division is open all bow categories



Vegas 450 Round Rules


Target- all archers will shoot on either the 40 cm, “Vegas” three-spot target face with gold-red-blue (10-9-8-7-6) scoring areas or the 40 cm single-spot face with 10 through 1 scoring rings. The x-ring of the 40cm Indoor Vegas Face will be used for tiebreaks in all divisions.


Distance: Archers in the Youth to Senior age divisions shall shoot at a distance of 20 yards. Archers in the Cub age division shall shoot at a distance of 10 yards. (Archers participating in the Cub division preparing for 2020 The Vegas Shoot: be aware that at that event all archers, including Cubs, shall shoot at 20 yards)


Rounds: A round will consist of 15 end; 3 arrows per end.


Ties: All final score ties will be broken by the highest score in the following sequence

Total X’s
1st end through 15th end score


Equipment Failure: In the event of equipment failure, step back from the shooting line and raise your bow above your head. A referee will come to your assistance. The archer will have 15 minutes to repair time without holding up the tournament. ONE practice end will be allowed. The archer shall be allowed to shoot any arrows missed during the 15 minutes. All make-up arrows shall be shot at the end of the round.


Shooting Rules:


Each End (time period to shoot three arrows) shall be 2 minutes
Archers shooting first will shoot the lower target face positions.
An archer shooting before or after the whistle signaling a 2-minute end will lose their highest scoring arrow or arrows equaling the number of errant arrows shot.
One arrow is allowed per spot on a three-spot target face. If there is more than one arrow in a single spot, archer will loser their highest scoring arrow or arrows in that spot.
If more than 3 arrows are shot during an end, only the lower 3 arrows will be scored. A penalty of one point will be assessed. 
If an archer shoots less than three arrows in one end, he/she may shoot the remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.
An archer who purposefully disfigures a target face to improve aiming or for any other reason, may be disqualified. Arrow holes may be repaired, provided there is no delay in the round.
Any archer conducting her/himself in an unsportsmanlike manner will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.
Peak compound bow draw weight shall not exceed 80lbs, with a maximum speed of 300 FPS with a 3% variance.
Maximum arrow shaft diameter allowed will be 0.422 inches, with a point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches. The shaft diameter will include any wrap placed on the arrow and will include the size of the nock and the nock insert.
Any equipment that impairs the hearing of the competitor will not be allowed on the shooting line.
Any archer that is hearing impaired must notify officials prior to shooting.


Scoring Rules

A referee will make all decisions on scoring questionable arrows; their decisions are final.
All arrows must remain in the target, untouched, until scoring is completed.
Any archer deliberately touching any questionable arrow or any part of the target assembly (including other arrows, faces, pins, mat or stand) will result in the questionable arrow being scored in the lower scoring area.
The full-face target face is scored in the gold (10,9), red (8,7), blue (6,5), black (4,3) and white (2,1). The target face must be placed on the mat in an upright position.
The three-spot target face is scored on the gold (10,9), red (8,7), and blue (6) rings. The target face must be placed on the mat in an upright position.
Arrows must touch the line to be in the next highest scoring area.
Any arrow that passes beyond the shooting line a distance greater than 10 feet is measured to the closest part of the arrow, will be considered a shot arrow. See mark on the floor.
If an arrow is embedded in the target beyond the nock and a referee cannot determine the value of that arrow, it will be considered a pass through, and will be re-shot. NO ARROWS WILL BE PUSHED BACK.
Each competitor must complete and sign her/his own scorecard. Both scorers must also sign the scorecard. When there is a difference on the two cards, the lower score will be taken. ANY ARCHER TURNING IN AN INCORRECT SCORE CARD WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION.


Championship Payout

The Championship money division is open to all archers in a single age, bow and gender division. Registration fee includes a 50/50 split with fee and payout. Purse distribution based on participant count and will follow NFAA rules.


The Yankton 450 will follow equipment rules set out by the National Field Archery Association, NFAA. Archers are responsible for knowing and complying with all equipment rules. Archers not complying with rules of competition are subject to disqualification from event.

For full rules and policies regarding equipment see the NFAA Constitution and Bylaws Page: https://www.nfaausa.com/documents-forms/



The organizing committee will receive entries; registration application can be found on the NEYAC website: www.neyac.org



Meals and transportation will not be supplied by facilities; but concessions, drinks and snacks, will be available on site.



Attendants willing to volunteer their time to help with event are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Please notify organizing chair for volunteer sign up. Special consideration given to volunteers that have previous experience working tournaments with set-up, registration, scoring teams, digital scoring systems, field crew, judging or DOS through programs such as Scouts, 4H, NASP, JOAD, or USAA/NFAA/ASA including certified judges.


Any questions or comments can be directed to event organizer Josahan Jaime-Santacruz at jos@neyac.org

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