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2024 Spot League

Thursdays starting at 6:30 PM

January 11 - March 21

Week 1: Warm-up/practice

Week 2-5: Vegas 300 round (30 arrows triangle 3-spot or 5 color 1-spot)

Week 6-9: NFAA blue face 150 round (30 arrows blue 5-spot or blue 1-spot)

Week 10: Makeup for any missing weeks

Week 11: Championship and social 


Each week is 30 arrows of scoring. Targets are provided. If you cannot come for 1 week, there is a makeup week or you can make up the score on a different night. If you make up the score a different night you need to submit a scorecard and a picture of your target for verification. 


There is a minimum of 7 people signing up to host the league. There will be a handicap so all are welcome to join. 

2024 Spot Leage.png
More leagues coming soon - stay tuned! 
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